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Get rid of all your metal junk

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Why hang on to junk that's doing nothing for you when you can get paid top dollar to get rid of it? Call us (440-354-9929) for any questions you may have on what materials we can recycle .

Are there hidden gems in your recycling bin?

Don't simply donate your scrap metal until you understand its worth. An easy way to test it is to use a magnet. Ferrous metals, which have more iron, are attracted to magnets. These magnetic metals are generally worth significantly less than non-ferrous metals.

Get rid of all your metal junk

• Copper

• Brass

• Aluminum

• Stainless steel

• Heavy steel

• Light steel

• Sheet iron

If you have junk you need to get rid of, there's only one company to call: Lake Auto & Scrap Recyclers. Get help with everything from auto wrecking to metal recycling. One call is all it takes!

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