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Put it to good use - and get top dollar!

Do you have an old appliance that's just wasting away?

Don't let your metal waste away!

Keep it out of the landfill the easy way.

Don't kick it to the curb on garbage day - call Lake Auto & Scrap Recyclers. We'll find a use for it and you'll get top dollar. What's better than money in your pocket and the knowledge that your old metal washer and dryer isn't simply rotting away in a landfill?

Contribute to the environment and reap the rewards

There are a lot of reasons to call Lake Auto & Scrap Recyclers to get rid of your junk, including the fact that recycling your old metal products is better for the environment than letting them sit in a landfill. Support your local economy, help improve the environment, and make some cash in the process.

The many benefits of metal recycling

• Overall energy use is reduced

• Natural resources are preserved

• Revenue from exporting recycled metal keeps companies in business

• Many types of metal can be recycled: brass, copper, and others

• Aluminum and stainless steel can be recycled

• Recycle your sheet iron, plus heavy and light iron

Scrap metal can be recycled

• You get money in your pocket - fast!

No matter what type of metal you need recycled, you'll find great service from Lake Auto & Scrap Recyclers. Give us a call today about recycling scrap metal and our total auto wrecking services.

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