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Lake Auto & Scrap Recyclers

Get rid of your car the easy way

Do you have a car just taking up space?

Liquidate your lemon!

Don't leave your dead car in the driveway.

You've been putting more money into repairs for your old car than it's worth. Get some of that money back by having us buy your junk car. If you can't bring it in we'll pick it up for you. Just give us a call to get the details on the best way for you to get cash for your junk car.

Help the environment in the process

Your vehicle isn't doing anyone any good where it's at, and if you take it to a salvage yard it could sit there for years and just rot away. Recycle that metal by calling Lake Auto & Scrap Recyclers and be part of the environmental solution - not the environmental problem!

All your metal recycling needs are met

• We take virtually any vehicle in any condition

• Free up space in your home or business

• Make room for a new vehicle

• Choose the easy, hassle-free way to recycle your vehicle

• Get top dollar for your metal

• Help the environment by recycling your vehicle

Do you have metal sitting around that you don't know what to do with? Call us today! Bring in your scrap metal, metal appliances and even the kitchen sink!

Old wrecked car

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