Junk doesn't belong in your backyard!

Got metal waste to dispose of but don't know where to take it? Don't stash it on your property. Take it to Lake Auto & Scrap Recyclers, and we'll take it from here.

Whether you have an old car that no longer runs rusting in your driveway or an old washer and dryer that you just replaced, we'll buy it from you to recycle or salvage its parts and re-sell. If it's too large to transport, we'll come to your house and tow it away for you.

Let us meddle in your metal waste.

That old refrigerator the trash collectors refuse to take will no longer be your problem! A family-owned and operated business, we've been scrapping and recycling metal and automotive parts for your neighbors of Lake County for over 36 years.

Your trash is our treasure:

  • Scrap Metal - Get rid of your scrap metal waste, such as aluminum scrap, sheet iron and steel.
  • Metal Recyclers - Help preserve the environment by donating your metal waste for us to recycle.
  • Auto Wrecking - Dispose of cars that no longer work in our wrecking yard, and we'll salvage the parts.

Take your old car you can no longer trade in to the junk yard by calling 440-210-3006 or stopping by 427 Newell St.

We Pay Top Dollar
For Scraps!

Call 440-210-3006
or visit our wrecking yard.

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